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Welcome to my new WP site.  Yes, I know…another site Megan??  Well I’m not done making changes yet…I’ll never be done really. 😉  Change is good though, and I am moving in the direction of my soul’s path…

For those looking for pictures?  I am done with galleries.  I will post various pictures on various topics throughout my posts.  Some may be of my adventures, but others may be for other things I find interesting.

Looking for rates??  You will not find any…and don’t expect me to add any…  When I have my consulting business up and running (sexual education and exploration workshops and support), I will include a link to those professional services.  In the meantime, this is an outlet for my thoughts, my writings, and my passions.

So welcome to my friends, old and new alike!  I expect some exciting changes this year, and I am happy to have  you  all along for the ride… 😉

In love and appreciation,



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