New visions

It hit me yesterday.  I had yet another stimulating day at the human trafficking coalition (end trafficking).  With every meeting, I leave feeling energized, excited, full of ideas…it feels right.  It feels natural to be participating there, even though I am the only (current) sex worker on the coalition.  My intern from SW4C came with me yesterday also, and she is on my side of things…but everyone else are law enforcement agents, legislators, social workers or abolitionists.  We all are abolitionists for human trafficking of course, but some want to abolish sex work as a whole.  There has been no voice for those that choose and are empowered  by sex work there, until now.

It’s an interesting dynamic.  I was intimidated at first.  The group, at times, can be a full room with about 25 people.  When I am only *one* in that room, a room that also has FBI, county prosecutors, nuns and the like, I am definitely aware of my surroundings.  But two of the main board members are supporters.  They understand that not all women are victims.  They understand the differences between what they see and what they don’t.  Not enough people are like that in the world…not just on this issue, but on other things.  Hell, I’ve been guilty of making a fair amount of assumptions about things at times myself…  As humans, we can only go with what we know.  Subjective personal perceptions rules the way each and every one of us views the world, from the most minuet detail, to larger beliefs such as religion, politics and the like.  This is why I get that some people are trying to end my career…a career that I have found to be one of the most fulfilling I have ever known…a career that I know helps others…and this is not about me, but about their perceptions.  I am on that coalition to help end trafficking, but I am also on that coalition to give my fellow sex workers a voice.  More than that, I am on that coalition to give the board, and society an education about the aspects of sex work that are not on their radar, or that they have preferred to ignore.

As I processed the events of yesterday, which is fresh on the heels of a HTC legislative sub-committee meeting I am also on, all I kept thinking was: how do I do more?  how do I get to do this full-time??  how can I get someone to sponsor my pursuits??  I don’t want to say that I am burdened by work…it’s actually a great balance to have in the mix.  But when you are the one managing every aspect of your career…a career that required constant attention and thought, it can be challenging to get other things done.  And in regards to my vision for activism and change, I have ideas that require my full attention, and a long-term commitment.  I can see it…I can feel it…I know I can get some shit done.

And then it hit me…

I’ve been getting things in order to set up SW4C for non-profit anyway…why not also create a job, and a salary, for myself?  I get it now…I get what I am supposed to be doing…

I love sex work, challenges and all.  I  don’t know that I will ever be fully *out* of it…  I have a hot girlfriend that want to shoot girl-girl porn with me, so I may just move to another sector.  😉  However that goes, I know that I need to be getting more involved with the activism end.  The universe has presented my path, and I’m going to follow it…  So fair warning, things will be continuing to shift.  I hope to keep as many of you around for the ride as I can. 🙂

All my best,




Welcome to my new WP site.  Yes, I know…another site Megan??  Well I’m not done making changes yet…I’ll never be done really. 😉  Change is good though, and I am moving in the direction of my soul’s path…

For those looking for pictures?  I am done with galleries.  I will post various pictures on various topics throughout my posts.  Some may be of my adventures, but others may be for other things I find interesting.

Looking for rates??  You will not find any…and don’t expect me to add any…  When I have my consulting business up and running (sexual education and exploration workshops and support), I will include a link to those professional services.  In the meantime, this is an outlet for my thoughts, my writings, and my passions.

So welcome to my friends, old and new alike!  I expect some exciting changes this year, and I am happy to have  you  all along for the ride… 😉

In love and appreciation,